Nadia C Expert Advice

Thank you so much for everything you did for this sale. Thanks to your expert advice, we always come out winners whether it’s a purchase or sale! That’s why we keep coming back to you.

Jacob A. Resourceful

It was a pleasure doing business with Samia. She was incredibly resourceful, and always found a way to get through obstacles and answer our questions even on a short notice. Most importantly, she put our interest first and making the sale second. I recommend Samia to anyone anytime.

Cindy C. Best Choice

Samia is flat out awesome. She fought like a lion on my behalf so I could own my own home. She looked after every major and minor step so I had virtually no running around to do. She has a superb group of people that she uses to help you through the process. Samia is always available. Calling her is one of the best choices I’ve ever made.

Chris k. Should have Chosen you

I truly regretted not hiring you to sell our house. We went with another realtor because we thought he had a better sale record in our neighbourhood. He sold our house, yes, but we had an unpleasant experience with him. We missed your respectful attitude and constant communication. Lesson learned.