Over the years, I’ve helped many investors make profit from investment properties. Whether you’re looking for a rental property or a fixer upper to ‘flip’, I can help you make money!

To get your:


How will I GO THE EXTRA MILE for you?

Thorough Knowledge of Investment Properties

I know all the ‘hot spots’ in Edmonton and surrounding areas where you can make the best return on investing in infill, rental and flip’ properties. In addition to the MLS, I have access to databases not available to the public, foreclosures and pre-foreclosures, and a wide network of investors interested in selling their properties.

Competitive Bidding

I have extensive experience with property bidding wars. I will provide you with professional expertise on how to be competitive and successful in acquiring properties that are in high demand.

Accurate ROI Assessment

I have a proven record of accurate cash flow analysis and evaluation of before and after-rehab value, rehab costs, and margins of profit. I will help you do an analysis that is sensitive to forecast changes and trends in the market at the future time of resale.

In-House Property Management

Our real estate company has in-house property management so we can take the burden of managing tenants off your shoulders.

Expert Advice on Maximizing ROI

I will guide you through the process of developing secondary rental suites to maximize your rental income. I will also provide you with expert advice on home improvements to help you sell your investment property fast and for maximum profit, based on ongoing research of latest home renovation trends and buyers’ expectations.

Wide Network of Contractors

It is difficult to find contractors who do good work, at reasonable prices, and in a timely manner. I have a list of recommended contractors whom I’ve worked with over the years and can refer to you with confidence.

I have repeat investor clients who’ve been very satisfied with their return on investment.​

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